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Barcelona vs Girona

Barcelona vs Girona, La Liga: Final Score 2-4, Girona dominate final 30 minutes, beat Barça on the road

Barcelona vs Girona:Barcelona had a tough weekend in La Liga, finishing in fourth place after a disappointing 4-2 loss to Girona. The game was exciting with many chances for both teams, but Girona took control in the last 30 minutes and convincingly won the Catalan derby. This puts Girona in first place, two points ahead of the second-placed team, making a strong statement about their chances of winning the title. Barcelona is now seven points behind the top spot.

Barcelona vs Girona
Barcelona vs Girona

Certainly, Girona was expected to lose steam at some point, especially after a good start with a few wins and late goals. The magic was thought to fade, but after 16 weeks in La Liga, it’s still very much alive.

This time, their neighbors, Barcelona, were the ones suffering. To be honest, Barcelona’s defense had a terrible performance, with Jules Kounde being a major contributor to the disastrous showing. Girona took advantage, slicing through the reigning La Liga champions’ defense four times to secure a comfortable 4-2 victory.

Barcelona vs Girona

Girona made the first move, with Ivan Martin sending a ball into the channel for Viktor Tsiganov, who then set up Artem Dobvyk for an easy goal. Lewandowski, however, responded by leaping over two defenders and heading Raphinha’s corner into the net at the far post.
Following several chances on the counter, Girona rightfully regained the lead. Miguel Gutierrez strolled down the pitch and skillfully poked a shot into the top corner.

Barcelona vs Girona
Barcelona vs Girona

Barcelona appeared more determined in the second half, creating numerous opportunities as they pushed forward in search of an equalizer. Despite their efforts, the equalizing goal eluded them, leaving them exposed defensively.

Valery Fernandez, a former youth product of Barcelona, capitalized on a mistake by Kounde, converting a one-on-one opportunity to extend Girona’s lead. Although a late goal from Ilkay Gundogan provided some hope for Barcelona, it was negated by another Girona effort, propelling the unexpected contenders back to the top of the league and igniting dreams for their 500 traveling fans.

First Half

The first half of the match between Barcelona and Girona was a thrilling display of football excitement. Both teams engaged in an entertaining and risky style of play, continuously creating opportunities and keeping the pace at an astonishing level. The initial moments saw Barcelona as the stronger side, nearly taking the lead within the first 10 minutes. However, a midfield error led to a counter-attack by Girona, resulting in Viktor Tsigankov setting up Artem Dovbyk for an easy goal.

Barcelona vs Girona
Barcelona vs Girona

Barça swiftly responded, with a well-executed corner by Raphinha finding Robert Lewandowski, who headed in the equalizer. The subsequent 20 minutes were chaotic, as both teams traded attacks, and goalkeepers and defenders had to make crucial interventions to prevent further scoring. Despite the numerous chances, the score remained level as halftime approached.

In a pivotal moment just before the break, Girona orchestrated a brilliant passing sequence that culminated in Miguel Gutiérrez scoring a stunning goal, giving the visitors a 2-1 lead. Although Barça attempted to equalize, Girona’s goalkeeper, Paulo Gazzaniga, made a decisive save, preserving the lead. The first half concluded with a blend of skillful plays, near misses, and remarkable saves, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the second half. The question lingered: could Barcelona stage a comeback, or would Girona maintain their attacking prowess, ensuring the second half would be as thrilling as the first?

Second Half

The second half saw a natural slowdown in the intense pace set during the initial period. In the first 15-20 minutes, Barça dominated possession, while Girona opted for a deeper defensive strategy to safeguard their lead. This approach proved effective, as Barça struggled to create significant scoring opportunities, and Girona remained threatening on the counter.

As the game progressed, Girona gradually resumed taking risks, with improved passing and movement that exploited openings in the Blaugrana defense. Despite Xavi Hernández making a triple substitution, introducing Ferran Torres, Lamine Yamal, and Alejandro Balde, they failed to impact the game. With 10 minutes remaining, Girona dealt a decisive blow as Cristhian Stuani’s header, initiated by a long ball from Gazzaniga, set up Valery Fernández to extend their lead.

In a desperate attempt to stage a comeback, Barça pushed everyone forward, and Ilkay Gündogan scored in stoppage time, offering a glimmer of hope. A potential equalizer seemed within reach when Yamal’s perfect cross found Lewandowski, but an unfortunate contact with the Pole’s shoulder squandered the opportunity. Girona secured their victory with a fourth goal as Sávio’s cross met Stuani at the far post.

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Barcelona vs Girona
Barcelona vs Girona

The final whistle marked a painful night for Barça, who played well for the first hour but faced defensive lapses. Girona showcased their scoring prowess, solidifying their credibility in the competition. The defeat leaves Barça facing an uphill battle, needing a miraculous turnaround to contend for the La Liga title this season.


The match showcased Girona’s prowess in both attack and defense, with Miguel Gutierrez’s stylish goal exemplifying their ability to capitalize on opportunities. Barcelona, on the other hand, faced defensive struggles, particularly with Jules Kounde’s unfortunate performance, contributing to Girona’s four well-earned goals.

Barça’s second-half efforts to equalize demonstrated their determination, yet the elusive goal remained out of reach, leaving them vulnerable to Girona’s counterattacks. Valery Fernandez, once part of Barcelona’s youth system, capitalized on a defensive lapse to secure Girona’s third goal.

While Ilkay Gundogan provided a late consolation for Barcelona, Girona swiftly responded with a fourth goal, reaffirming their position at the league’s summit. For the 500 traveling fans, this unexpected ascent offers a reason to dream and believe in the magic of their team’s journey.

As Girona defies the odds and reignites the debate about La Liga’s title race, the football world eagerly anticipates the remainder of the season, wondering if this unlikely contender can maintain its remarkable form and potentially secure a historic league triumph.


Why did Girona’s victory over Barcelona come as a surprise?

Girona’s victory surprised many due to their status as an underdog in La Liga. The team’s ability to defeat the reigning champions showcased their resilience and skill, defying expectations.

What contributed to Barcelona’s defensive struggles in the match?

Barcelona faced defensive challenges in the match, notably with Jules Kounde’s performance. Defensive lapses and individual errors allowed Girona to capitalize and score four goals.

How did Girona’s attacking strategy differ from Barcelona’s in the second half?

Girona adopted a more cautious approach initially, defending their lead in the first 15-20 minutes of the second half. As the game progressed, they resumed taking risks, utilizing effective passing and movement to exploit openings in the Barcelona defense.

Who were the standout performers for Girona in the match?

Miguel Gutierrez stood out for Girona with a stylish goal, showcasing the team’s attacking prowess. Valery Fernandez, a former Barcelona youth product, also made a significant impact by converting a crucial one-on-one opportunity.

Can Girona maintain their position at the top of La Liga?

The victory over Barcelona has propelled Girona to the top of the league, sparking discussions about their title contention. Whether they can maintain this position will depend on their consistency and performance in upcoming matches.

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